Who is Vikas Mishra

He is so grateful to share his learning from his beautiful journey. He went to a college and had a startup but he is not a drop out. He believes institutions and academics cannot decide anyone’s future. He believes that our fate is in our hands. He has seen his father struggling and establishing his own business from an early age and due to which they are now settled in Gujarat. His father inspired him and taught him that he needs to be determined, dedicated and disciplined about what he does.

Digital Marketing Trainer

Er.Vikas Mishra is a Founder of 360degree Digital Marketing & Digital Marketing Trainer. An Inspiration Journey of His Startup at the age of 21

Guest Lecture On Entrepreneur

Started With Small Amount When he was in College while doing engineering. With a Vision & Passion towards his work he is a successful Businessman.

Motivation Speaker

A Youth motivator And an Inspiration for today's Youth. His Speech & Experience of life give a direction & Inspiration for today's youth to become successful.

Turn Your FAILURES Into SUCCESS! | Vikas Mishra | Speaker At Josh Talks

Awarded By Indian Icon Business Award For Excellence in Business Execution As
Leadership Award

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Awards & Honors

Josh Talks Speaker

Leadership Award

Young Entrepreneur Of year 2019